As more countries and companies looking to expand their economic interests and search for trading and business opportunities, resources and skills and seek new export markets and overseas collaborations, the competition between international rivals – and collaboration with neighbors – is becoming more intense. And every country does business in its own way, aligned with its own unique culture.

This is where the behgozin international group (BIG) comes into its own – representing the national business community, creating and providing information, knowledge, and networks for companies and individuals from a shared culture, which helps build collective confidence and provides support that translates relationships into commercial success. Of course, some larger companies are ‘international economies’ in their own right and transcend this need to some degree – but even they are dependent on their ability to operate effectively in other cultures, on a local level. Think globally and act locally is the mantra.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinationals can benefit equally from the support of behgozin international group and we see this increasingly in the Iranian business community, which was traditionally dominated by SMEs and which now includes many larger companies.


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Behgozin international group (BIG) has been bringing buyers and sellers together since 2001 by providing them with the simplest and most cost-effective route to selling or buying properties and Commodities online/offline and saving them thousands of dollars each in the process.